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Neighbourhood Plan Process

Step One - Designation of Neighbourhood Area

  • The Qualifying Body (Parish Council) submits an application to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to designate a neighbourhood area
  • The LPA publicises and consults on the area application for a minimum of 6 weeks
  • The LPA designates a neighbourhood area within the statutory timescales

Step Two - Preparation of Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Qualifying Body develops proposals (advised or assisted by the LPA):

  • gather baseline information and evidence
  • engage and consult those living and working in the neighbourhood area and those with an interest in or affected by the proposals (e.g. service providers)
  • talk to land owners and the development industry
  • identify and assess options
  • determine whether a plan is likely to have significant environmental effect
  • start to prepare proposals documents e.g. basic conditions statement

Step Three - Pre-submission Publicity and Consultation

The Qualifying Body:

  • publicises the draft plan and invites representations
  • consults the consultation bodies as appropriate
  • sends a copy of the draft plan to the LPA
  • where European Obligations apply, complies with relevant publicity and consultation requirements
  • considers consultation responses and amends plan if appropriate
  • prepares consultation statement and other proposal documents

Step Four - Submission of a Neighbourhood Plan Proposal to the LPA

  • Qualifying Body submits the plan proposal to the LPA
  • LPA checks that submitted proposal complies with all relevant legislation
  • If the LPA finds that the plan or order meets the legal requirements it:
    • publicises the proposal for minimum 6 weeks and invites representations
    • notifies consultation bodies referred to in the consultation statement
    • appoints an Independent Examiner (with the agreement of the Qualifying Body)

Step Five - Independent Examination

  • LPA sends plan proposal and representation to the Independent Examiner
  • Independent Examiner undertakes examination
  • Independent Examiner issues a report to the LPA and Qualifying Body
  • LPA publishes report
  • LPA considers report and reaches own view
  • LPA takes the decision on whether to send the plan to referendum

Step Six - Referendum

  • relevant council publishes information statement
  • relevant council publishes notice of referendum
  • polling takes place
  • results declared

Step Seven - Making the Neighbourhood Plan (bringing it into force)

  • subject to referendum results the LPA considers plan in relation to EU Obligations and Convention Rights
  • If the plan is compatible with EU Obligations and does not breach Convention Rights – the LPA makes the plan